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Homepage of Music website with photo of choir performance

LCC Music Program

This website was created to showcase LCC’s music program with information about the program, performance ensembles, music careers, and a letter to prospective students.

Covers of OER textbooks on the showcase website

Lansing Community College OER Showcase: Open Educational Resource works created by LCC employees

Lansing Community College strongly supports the use of OER in the classroom. Through that support, LCC funds the Open Educational Resource initiative as well as faculty sabbaticals which…

Silhouette of a person highlighting a glowing heart

Diseases of Humanity: A Student Created Wiki Site

This website is database of human diseases. Each semester students choose a few of the listed diseases to create a Wikipedia-like page which includes descriptions, images, and news…

typewriter and table

Writing Resources for LCC Faculty

A collection of writing activities for LCC faculty in all disciplines who want to include more writing in their courses.

pen and paper

Writing Resources for LCC Students

A collection of resources to support LCC student writers.

An image of a sit-in protest from the 1960s.

Take a Stand! Sit In! – A Dialogue About Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

This website was created for Take a Stand! Sit In! which is an LCC faculty, staff, and students teaching event exploring issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. The…

Homepage of Washington Square Review website

Washington Square Review

Washington Square Review is Lansing Community College’s Literary Journal. The publication has a long history going back to the late 1970s.  Founded and edited by LCC Writing Professor Donia…

Image of main page of Live Together, Learn Together website with links to other pages.

Live Together, Learn Together: Stories from the LCC Community in the COVID-19 Pandemic

A group of LCC faculty and staff came together to create this website for the Lansing Community College community to document our experiences, thoughts and emotions during the…

Homepage for website with photo of boardwalk through a marsh. Includes links to all page on site

Poetry Project: Community Generated Poetry

This website for the LCC Community Generated Poetry Project , created by Professor Barb Clauer, includes information about the project, poems, project impact, and project principles.

Homepage of Radical Hope website

Radical Hope: LCC Professional Activity (PA) Days Spring 2021 (May)

The Radical Hope website was created by the Center for Teaching Excellence for online Professional Activity Days during Spring 2021. It includes live, hybrid, and synchronous sessions. Recordings…