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Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking

This is an introductory textbook in logic and critical thinking. The goal of the textbook is to provide the reader with a set of tools and skills that…

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College English Skills for Speakers of Other Languages, Level 5

This is the final text in the series and is designed for Advanced ESOL students. The information and assignments in this text support co-enrollment in a freshman Composition…

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Readings in Human Growth and Development

Compilation of readings in Human Growth and Development course (PSYC 205) at Lansing Community College. It is adapted from Lumen Learning and NOBA Project.

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A Guide to Physical Fitness

“In this resource, you will find valuable information regarding various components of fitness, exercise technique, goal setting, and general health principles. There is written content as well as…

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Writing the Novel

“This handbook provides tools for planning your writerly journey, structuring your novel, writing the early chapters and synopsis of your novel, seeking and providing constructive critique, finding and…

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Children’s Literature: A Tradition

This OER is a collection of children’s classic literature published up to the twentieth century. It includes the history and cultural context of the stories, as well as…

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CHDV 101: Child Growth and Development Learning Materials

Check out the H5P activities and readings Danielle Savory has created for CHDV 101: Child Growth and Development.

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Exploring Our Social World: The Story of Us: Integrated Workbook Edition

Sociologists teaching an introductory course focus on a wide array of topics, ranging from culture and socialization to institutional structures and stratification. One of the main lessons we…

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Exploring Our Social World: The Story of Us

This text, created for SOCL 120, was envisioned as an essentials text, providing coverage of the main areas of study reviewed in most introductory classes.  With that said,…

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Writing LCC: An Anthology of Student Writing Collected at Lansing Community College Lansing, Michigan

Student writing collected from English classes at Lansing Community College with brief notes from instructors. Intended audience–faculty and students. A brief annotated bibliography about publishing student writing and…