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IntroRN Self-Paced Learning Activities for Nursing Students

IntroRN Self-paced Learning Activities website is a collection of nursing concept based case studies separated and delineated by tabs. Even though this site is still a work in…

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Writing LCC: An Anthology of Student Writing Collected at Lansing Community College Lansing, Michigan

Student writing collected from English classes at Lansing Community College with brief notes from instructors. Intended audience–faculty and students. A brief annotated bibliography about publishing student writing and…

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Expression and Inquiry

This is a college text that focuses on the nuts and bolts of academic writing including research, textual analysis, narrative and other inquiry methods as well as analysis….

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Orat!o: An Open Resource for Public Speaking Courses

An open resource for public speaking courses. Welcome to public speaking! If talking in front of people is something that comes naturally to you, then we’d like to…

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Abnormal Psychology

Our course (PSYC 250) includes an in-depth study of 13 major topics. Each topic is organized in the following way: Focus: A MindMap graphically organizes information about the…

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Psychology of Death: Preparation for Living

Our course (PSYC 175) examines psychological theories, concepts, and research that pertain to the study of death and personal death awareness. Topics include cross-cultural and historical perspectives, health…

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Multicultural Personality Theory

This book covers general personality theory, with an emphasis on cultural aspects affecting personality development. There is also a section focusing on making positive choices in the development…

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The Tao of Positive Psychology: Personal Journal & Academic Treatise

Tao of Positive Psychology is a general overview of the field of positive psychology, with major sections on well-being, strengths and virtues, positive emotional and cognitive states, positive…

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why the COMMUNITY in community college saved my life

This is a memoir to use to teach about memoir writing. It’s a story of my experiences growing up as a child of a community college secretary, and…

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Writing for College: Introduction to College Writing with Grammar Skills Review

College Writing with Grammar Skills Review is a collection of reading and writing materials to enable instructors to help students grow in confidence and skills, ultimately to be…