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Homepage of the Vinyl Record Club website

LCC Vinyl Record Club

Website for the LCC Vinyl Record Club (VRC). The LCC Vinyl Record Club was formed to create connections through the power of music with an emphasis on sharing…

Vibrant colored, polished stones in shades of blue, green, brown, and white.

Universal Design for Learning

This website is about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) from a pedagogical standpoint. Also, the website includes materials about  UDL and Culturally Responsive Teaching, as well as Accessibility…

Homepage of StarScapes website with student presentations.

StarScapes: Student Innovation & Creativity Showcase for Lansing Community College

StarScapes is a student showcase of creative, imaginative, and interesting work. Presentations include projects produced for LCC classes, as well as work developed through students’ own independent study and…

Cruz reading poetry at a microphone

Cruz: Poet

The website is for storing creative writing content for open viewing. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Cassandra the prophet

The Cassandra Project

This site was used as a project between two different classes (BIOL 127 Cell Biology and BIOL  270, Human Genetics). It was also featured in Star Scapes.

Colorful shapes on geometric background

Arts Connect @ LCC

Arts Connect @ LCC was created to be a hub for LCC’s arts events, ongoing arts programming, academic programs in the arts, and for activities that have an…

Homepage of Music website with photo of choir performance

LCC Music Program

This website was created to showcase LCC’s music program with information about the program, performance ensembles, music careers, and a letter to prospective students.

Covers of OER textbooks on the showcase website

Lansing Community College OER Showcase: Open Educational Resource works created by LCC employees

Lansing Community College strongly supports the use of OER in the classroom. Through that support, LCC funds the Open Educational Resource initiative as well as faculty sabbaticals which…

An image of a sit-in protest from the 1960s.

Take a Stand! Sit In! – A Dialogue About Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

This website was created for Take a Stand! Sit In! which is an LCC faculty, staff, and students teaching event exploring issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. The…

Homepage of Washington Square Review website

Washington Square Review

Washington Square Review is Lansing Community College’s Literary Journal. The publication has a long history going back to the late 1970s.  Founded and edited by LCC Writing Professor Donia…