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Homepage of the Vinyl Record Club website

LCC Vinyl Record Club

Website for the LCC Vinyl Record Club (VRC). The LCC Vinyl Record Club was formed to create connections through the power of music with an emphasis on sharing…

Vibrant colored, polished stones in shades of blue, green, brown, and white.

Universal Design for Learning

This website is about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) from a pedagogical standpoint. Also, the website includes materials about  UDL and Culturally Responsive Teaching, as well as Accessibility…

LCC's Gannon building sits in the background a tree with fall leaves is captured in front of it. Photo by Kevin Fowler

A Time to Refresh and Restart: LCC Professional Activity (PA) Days Spring 2022 (January)

The Spring 2022 PA days website “A Time to Refresh and Restart” was created by the Center for Teaching Excellence for online Professional Activity Days during Spring 2022….

Homepage of this website with a photo of fall colors and links to About, Read Essays, Add Your Essays, and Search

The Most Powerful 400 Words in Teaching

In Spring 2015, Lansing Community College faculty participated in a Gratitude Project, sharing something about their jobs for which they were grateful. One submission stood out from the…

Pencil and pencil shavings sitting on lined paper

All Writers Have More to Learn

For 11 weeks, my ENGL 121 students respond to scholarly readings about writing from the text, Naming What We Know. As part of their revision project, they then…

Homepage of StarScapes website with student presentations.

StarScapes: Student Innovation & Creativity Showcase for Lansing Community College

StarScapes is a student showcase of creative, imaginative, and interesting work. Presentations include projects produced for LCC classes, as well as work developed through students’ own independent study and…

Cruz reading poetry at a microphone

Cruz: Poet

The website is for storing creative writing content for open viewing. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Cassandra the prophet

The Cassandra Project

This site was used as a project between two different classes (BIOL 127 Cell Biology and BIOL  270, Human Genetics). It was also featured in Star Scapes.

Colorful shapes on geometric background

Arts Connect @ LCC

Arts Connect @ LCC was created to be a hub for LCC’s arts events, ongoing arts programming, academic programs in the arts, and for activities that have an…

IntroRN website main page

IntroRN Self-Paced Learning Activities for Nursing Students

IntroRN Self-paced Learning Activities website is a collection of nursing concept based case studies separated and delineated by tabs. Even though this site is still a work in…